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Over 28 Years of Legal Experience

At Bob Clark Law, I provide quality legal services at reasonable rates in Haywood & Jackson County. My firm believes in offering experienced and compassionate legal representation to individuals with misdemeanor or felony criminal charges and traffic matters. I limit my practice to traffic tickets and criminal charges and take cases in just Haywood & Jackson County so that I can be fully effective for each client.

When you are facing difficult circumstances regarding criminal or traffic offenses, you need an attorney who will treat you right and treat your case in an effective manner. Contact our firm for a free consultation at 828 246 9360. My firm works to return all phone calls the same day they are received. We offer flexible hours and competitive pricing.

"I have been a criminal defense attorney for 14 years and a prosecutor for 14 years. I have earned the respect of judges, lawyers and police officers by being prepared for my cases, ethical in my dealings and aggressive in seeking the best possible results for my clients. I welcome your call." -Bob Clark

Effective Representation for Every Client, In and Out of Town

At Bob Clark Law, I work with local people from Haywood & Jackson County and the surrounding area as well as individuals who are from out of town and charged with criminal offenses or speeding violations in Haywood & Jackson County. Many of my clients come from nearby Tennessee or from elsewhere in the country and are worried about who they can turn to in such an unfamiliar place. I have handled many trials in Haywood & Jackson County and can provide peace of mind to clients from out of town as well as those who are from the local area.

Wherever you reside, Bob Clark Law can represent you in cases of criminal offenses, speeding tickets, DUI/DWI and drug offenses, including misdemeanor and felony offenses. I am honest and straightforward with my clients and their chances for success. I have built a solid reputation among the legal community in North Carolina by adhering to ethical standards and by working for the best possible results for my clients.

Contact my firm today by e-mail or by phone at 828 246 9360.

Bob Clark Law is located at 160 North Main Street in Waynesville, North Carolina. "Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park."


Being charged with a sex crime in North Carolina carries with it very serious and long lasting consequences. Many crimes that are alleged that fall within the sex crimes category are usually initiated by an alleged victim that may not be telling the truth. If the victim has a history of making false allegations, has a vendetta against you, or may have themselves somehow been abused previously as a child or otherwise you will need someone to help investigate the charge because police only get one side of the story. Do you need a sex crimes attorney? Click to schedule a consultation

Rape, Second Degree Rape and Statutory Rape

These are very serious felony charges that will carry with them potentially long incarceration sentences. We will address each one. Do you need a rape defense attorney? Click to schedule a consultation

Sexual Battery Attorney

Sexual battery is a unique crime in North Carolina as it is a class A1 Misdemeanor but if found guilty or pled guilty will require a registration on the Sex Offender Registry. Do you need a sexual assault / battery attorney? Click to schedule a consultation

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Bob Clark Law is located in Waynesville, North Carolina, and serves The Gorge and Smoky Mountain Region of North Carolina, including Haywood County and Jackson County.